The Journey Begins...

2014 signaled the begin of a series of events which would help to define Iyashi Herbs moving forward.  Trod with us...




         Iyashi Herbs was introduced to the world on the Smile Jamaica morning show on TVJ!
February 19, 2014: Herbalist/ Healer Nadya Dee, owner and operator of Iyashi Herbs on the Smile Jamaica morning show on TVJ teaching presenters Neville and Yendi about healing herbs.


On Sunday, March 30th, 2014, Iyashi Herbs set up shop for the first time at the Orchid Magic Wellness Village in Mona.


Since April 2014, Iyashi Herbs has been offering complimentary herb-infused water intermittently on Saturday afternoons at the True Self Centre of Being. We also supplied a limited stock of herb pouches, bath salt tea bags and herbal blends at the True Shelf Shop which was located in the same space. 

The True Self Centre of Being is located at 14 Roselle Avenue in Kingston, Jamaica It is a peaceful community space offering affordable (mainly donation-based) healing and wellness practices. 



On Saturday May 17, 2014, Iyashi Herbs provided a special herbal tea blend and herb-infused water at (my first alma mater) the Queen's Preparatory School's Tea Party Fundraiser. 


For the Summer we created a special iced lemony infusion of both lemongrass and lemon balm which was not only healing but delightfully refreshing: 
A welcome addition to the hot Summery days and nights! 

Our herb-infused water also known as "Sun Tea" was also a huge hit over the Summer for those persons who knew they needed to stay hydrated but weren't too gung-ho on drinking plain-ole water. 



On August 30, 2014 Iyashi Herbs was on display at the True Self Centre of Being's TrueShelf Pop Up Shop.



In October 2014, Iyashi Herbs' "Right Remedy" was featured in the Official Video for 

Avocado: A Story by Jah9

See the video and a few screenshots below. 

To order our Herb-Infused 'Sun Teas' or Iced Tisanes for your event please feel free to contact us at



In November we also presented a refreshing herbal palate cleanser at the Divine Eatery Live Food Cuisine Event which was held at Nanook



On December 21st 2014 we provided herbal refreshments at the KAAM | Shop | Boutique event which was hosted at True Self Centre of Being. It was truly a unique shopping experience and we look forward to many more. 
In 2015, Iyashi Herbs continued on its mission to heal using herbs