Growth & Exploration


2018 marked a period of growth and exploration fuelled by an intense desire to learn more about the history of tea in Japan. 

 Spring Adventures

At the beginning of Spring 2018 we travelled to a city called the "Happy City" in search of a large old tea tree. This tree is quite possibly one of the largest and oldest tea trees in Japan and was designated by the national government as a National Natural Monument/ Important Natural Property.


In addition to our quest for tea trees we also went on an exploration of an old city and attended a Citizen's Tea Party at a castle while there. 



While visiting the land of our birth, Jamaica, we were blessed to host a holistic healing gathering in the beautiful gardens of Harmony Farms as we all shared an enriching and profound day of uplifting energies.

Exposition & Presentation

The reason we are in Japan, to learn more about the culture of tea ceremony, culminated with an opportunity to experience a full tea ceremony event (called a chaji) complete with garden slippers, full meal and even a special gong.