Let's Have Cawfee Tea

Let’s Have Cawfee Tea! - a multicultural tea party with a purpose! 

Where each cup of tea represents more than a sensory voyage; it’s about people supporting each other, one sip at a time.

October 29th, 2016 saw the inaugural hosting of the Let's Have Cawfee Tea fundraising event in support of meeting the educational needs and raising the quality of life for children living in the  Blue Mountain coffee farming districts, particularly those affected by the 2015 forest fires.

From 6 PM - 10 PM guests gathered in the gardens of the Harmony Farm Retreat (Charlton, Kingston) for an evening tea party with, and for, a difference! Over the course of the evening guests were entertained with poetic offerings from Yashika Graham , musical stylings from Kelissa and the opportunity to sample teas and learn more about the traditional tea ceremonies from Britain, India, Jamaica and Japan.

Iyashi Herbs was present with a special Harmony Tea Blend which balance the heat of Jamaican Ginger and the cool of Jamaican Peppermint with Cinnamon to make a soothing serving of brewed tea as well as a refreshing Iced Tea Blend.

We give thanks to all who attended. Your support was appreciated!

The event was primarily geared towards lovers of tea, good company, above-average conversation and entertainment. The evening will be a memorable sensory experience and each guest will leave with a coffee seedling to remind them of the evening and provide for continual contemplation of their contribution.