How We Heal

Together, time and herbs can HEAL all wounds 


(isshou ni jikan to honzou ha subete no kizu wo iyaseru)

At Iyashi Herbs we use herbs to provide a space of calm, joy, peace, harmony and serenity to anyone in need of mental, physical and spiritual restoration. 

We do this by creating specialty herbal tea blends and presenting them in various spaces in and around the island of Jamaica so as to give persons a taste of how herbs can be used as part of their daily self-care practices. 

In addition to herbal tea services we have also prepared various herbal products such as herb pouches, herbal hair tea washes, bath salt tea bags, herbal honey, herbal incenses, as well as herbal steamaz blends. 

In the near future we hope to create a space in Jamaica where we will be able to present the relaxing Japanese practice of Tea Ceremony as the most ideal method of providing iyashi.