Inner Healing 

Herbal Infusions 

(HOT and COLD)



Herbal Tea Blends

Herb-Infused Water

At Iyashi Herbs we do specially blended herbal teas comprised of herbs and spices which specifically correlate to the respective energy centres in the body called chakras. Each blend contains Jamaican herbs whose properties work to balance the specific chakras providing soothing comfort and healing to the corresponding endocrine glands and organs.

The herbs used in our Chakra Infusions are primarily grown and sourced in Jamaica with one main Jamaican herb corresponding to each chakra. These herbs include: Dandelion Root/Leaf, Red Raspberry Leaf, Sorrel, Rosemary, Sweet Basil, lemon balm along with dong quai root, vitex, juniper berry, cardamom, Moringa, Fevergrass (lemongrass) and Bissy to name a few. They are then combined with a variety of fruits, flowers and spices to create a unique blend of healing herbal tea just for you.

Drinking water infused with fruit or herbs is a smart and tasty way to hydrate and cleanse without getting overloaded with sugar and calories.

Our Herb-infused water is designed to balance the heart, throat, third-eye and crown chakras and includes fresh herbs such as peppermint, spearmint, lemongrass, rosemary basil, thyme and sage as well as cucumber and occasionally fresh lime juice. 

There are many health benefits of herb-infused water including appetite control, hydration, immune defence, heartburn prevention, blood sugar regulation and weight management.

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Herbal Honey 


Honey is one of the sweetest and most delicious natural medicines around. It is antibiotic, antibacterial, mineral rich and able to ease coughs better than commercial cough syrup. Once you team honey up with the healing power of herbs, you have a magical healing combination as honey is able to preserve many of the medicinal properties of herbs. Also, you can add it to teas, spread it on bread, take it by the teaspoon, add it to elixirs or use it on your skin.

Herbs for Steaming


This product, created for those who are familiar with the benefits of steaming herbs in a steam chalice, contains herbs specially selected to align and balance the upper chakras.

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