At Iyashi Herbs, 
We Love and Care for Mother Earth

We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and that of our clients by making our packaging as eco-loving and eco-friendly as possible. 

In doing so, we use materials which can be easily recycled, reused and safely disposed of  (if necessary) such as brown paper bags with wooden pins...

... and our recently introduced loose leaf tea glass jar packaging which are 100% reusable & recyclable.

In fact, for the rest of the year ALL our clients have the opportunity to receive a ROYALTY CARD when they purchase any herbal tea blend and reuse their glass tea jars with us!

Also look out for our #nuhduttyupJamaica recycle label on our new packaging! 


Why Glass though?

Well, unlike plastic (which is derived from fossil fuels) the pure ingredients of glass – limestone, sand and soda ash – combine to make an all-natural, non-toxic packaging material. Glass is 100% recyclable and can safely be used over and over again. It does not break down into harmful chemicals and remains stable in its natural form even when it’s not recycled. 

Fact is: glass is safe for the planet. 

Glass also protects our clients by keeping our teas (& honey) free from harmful chemicals. Its barrier properties preserve the integrity and taste of our teas (& honey) as well as extends packaging life by allowing users to serve, store and display items for as long as they want.

The Iyashi Herbs Holistic Tea Experience

Another aspect of our commitment to Mother Earth is our eco-friendly cup of tea cycle;
from the Earth back to the Earth. 

Which is why we specialize primarily in loose leaf herbal teas. So that you can return your tea leaves to the Earth, creating as little waste as necessary. 
Tea is highly acidic and full of nutrients that can help plants thrive.  Used loose leaves are therefore a great source of organic material for gardens and compost piles. As a “green” or nitrogen-rich component of compost, it provides a valuable counterbalance to the “browns” or carbon-rich materials. 

So instead of dumping out those steeped tea leaves in the garbage, give a nearby plant a little extra love by scattering those leaves into the top layer of the plant’s soil. Since tea is highly absorbent, it will help absorb water that will then get released slowly back into the plant.  You can also use leftover tea liquid to water your plants rather than pouring it down the drain.