For Mother's Day, treat Mama like the Queen she is with a healing aromatic Herbal Bouquet from Iyashi Herbs.

Each bouquet contains a wide array of aromatic herbs (both fresh and dried) such as lavender, mint, sage and rosemary which are known for their healing effects on the mind, body and Spirit.

This makes them perfect for keeping in the home as potpourri, whether on your night stand, by your bathtub or as a centrepiece for your dining table.


Bouquet Garni

Bouquet Vase

Bouquet Basket


On Sunday May 8, 2016 we spent the entire day preparing and delivering Mama's Day bouquets to a few lucky Mamas. 

Below are some pictures of the day's events from harvest to packaging to delivery. 

Thanks to everyone who entrusted us with their Mama's gifts this year and we look forward to serving you even better next year. 


Mother's Day Baskets


In 2015, we began our Mama's Day tradition with some lovely Mother's Day baskets for a few lucky Moms. 

Were you one of them? If so, email us and let us know what you thought.