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from 2014 to present

In 2014, the story of Iyashi Herbs began with a handful of herbs and a dream that true healing could be achieved one sip (or dip) at a time. 

Follow our journey through the years as we embarked on a mission to spread the wonders of herbs, tea and healing with the world. 

tea ceremony b
ichi go ichi e

The Journey Begins: 2014

2014 signalled the beginning of a series of events which would help to define Iyashi Herbs moving forward.  

Trod with us...

FEB: Iyashi Herbs on TVJ's Smile Jamaica.
Iyashi Herbs was introduced to the world on the Smile Jamaica morning show on TVJ!
MAR: 1st Pop-Up @ Orchid Magic Wellness Village
On Sunday, March 30th, 2014, Iyashi Herbs set up shop for the first time at the Orchid Magic Wellness Village in Mona.
APR: Pop-Up @ True Self Centre of Being
Since April 2014, Iyashi Herbs has been offering complimentary herb-infused water intermittently on Saturday afternoons at the True Self Centre of Being
APR: Iyashi Herbs @ True Self Centre of Being
In April we also supplied a limited stock of herb pouches, bath salt tea bags and herbal blends at the True Shelf Shop which was located in the same space.
APR: Herb Pouches in Calabash @ True Shelf
In April we also supplied a limited stock of herb pouches, bath salt tea bags and herbal blends at the True Shelf Shop which was located in the same space.
MAY: Queens Prep Tea & Tings
On Saturday May 17, 2014, Iyashi Herbs provided a special herbal tea blend and herb-infused water at (the Tea Lady's first alma mater) the Queen's Preparatory School's Tea Party Fundraiser.
AUG: Iyashi Herbs @ True Shelf Pop Up
NOV: Palate Cleansers @ Divine Eatery Live Cuisine Event
In November we also presented a refreshing herbal palate cleanser at the Divine Eatery Live Food Cuisine Event which was held at Nanook
DEC: KAAM | Shop | Boutique event @ True Shelf
On December 21st 2014 we provided herbal refreshments at the KAAM | Shop | Boutique event which was hosted at True Self Centre of Being.
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Iyashi Herbs' Video Cameo


The Journey Continues: 2015

2014 saw the beginning of a wonderful journey. 

In 2015 the journey continued, even bigger and better. 

NEW PRODUCT: Herbal Honey Love Potion
For Valentine's Day we created our Herbal Honey Love Potion which was perfect for those persons who wanted to add a bit more sweetness to their lives.
Bookman Union Herbal Love Basket
Our clients mean the world to us. So when we received an invitation to witness the union of two of our beloved clients we had to prepare a special Iyashi Herbs Love Basket for them.
Tea Service  @ Rasta Documentary Premiere at the Bob Marley Museum
For the launch of our dear friend and beloved client Donisha Prendergast's documentary called 'Rasta' we created a delicious blend of herbs and spices to delight the guests after the viewing.
Mother's Day Love Baskets
At Iyashi Herbs we love and honour all mothers and so we decided to begin a tradition of offering Mother's Day Baskets and Bouquets for special delivery on Mother's Day each year. The first year went well and we look forward to serving even more mothers in the future.
NEW PRODUCT: Steamaz Blend
Sipping & Steaming for Yoga on Dub
We love sharing space and tea at the True Self Centre of Being.

On a few occasions we had the pleasure of collaborating with recording artiste, Jah9, on a few yoga events which included the sipping and steaming of herbs.
Moroccan-Mint Tea Presentation  in the Blue Mountains
Whilst the Blue Mountains are best known for coffee, we had the opportunity to introduce a different style of tea ceremony at the Jam-Rocco event hosted by Dream Life Cuisine.
Herbal Tea on the Beach
There are few things better than sipping a warm cup of tea after an invigorating yoga session under the Full Moon. Thanks to Dream Life for inviting us to serve our herbal tea blends at their Moonlight yoga session.
Seasonings & Reasonings
When Sippin' Live invited us to serve our iced herbal tea at the Seasoning and Reasoning event we jumped at the opportunity. It was a great event filled with artistic expressions of all kind including visual, drumming, poetry and acoustic performances, not to mention the culinary treats!
Herbs for Steaming
Herbal Refreshments @ Rastafari Rootz Fest in Negril
Iyashi Herbs Popped-Up at the Rastafari Rootz fest with a refreshing iced tea blend as well as some herb-infused water. It was well appreciated for all patrons who required rehydration throughout the events of the day.
Vibes Bags @ Vibes is Right
In December 2015 we prepared an extra-special Steamaz Blend care gifts for select patrons at Vibes is Right.

They were well received and appreciated.
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The Year of Nine: 2016


2015 was a year of many blessings and lessons and so was 2016.

Take a glimpse into our journey throughout this year of completion, 2016, the year of 9.


The Return to One: 2017

2017 was a year of renewal and change; introspection and reinvention. 

A year that took us back to where it all began -- Japan. 

Journey with us as we develop a deeper understanding of the How, the Where and the Way of Tea.

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Growth and Exploration: 2018


From discovering a Huge Tea Tree Monument to exploring Tea Houses and Castles in Kyoto to eventually doing our first official Tea Ceremony events in both Jamaica and Japan, 2018 has truly been a year of growth and exploration.

Big Tea Tree in Happy City


tea plant info sign

A citizens tea party

A Citizens Tea Party lantern

A citizens tea party teapot









Discovery and Expansion: 2019

This time around we focused our energies on continuing our tea ceremony practice along with discovering even more about the history of tea and the Tea Ceremony in Japan. 

Furthermore we were blessed with the opportunity to host another tea ceremony event in Kingston, Jamaica.

tea house 2

Kanuntei Tea House-2

first tea field -1

Japan first tea field header




The  New Season  of  Tea

Kuchi-kiri ro spread

Hibernation and Isolation: 2020

As a global pandemic raged all around us, we found peace and solace in the Japanese Tea Room. While there, we learned more about the process of making up the fire as well as a special night time tea ceremony done entirely by candle light. 








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v. to heal, treat, remove pain, or quench one's thirst.


n. a place of warm solace and restoration, where one comes to find peace, balance and harmony.