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Echinacea Purpurea

An herb well reputed for it’s benefits to the immune system, Echinacea Purpurea is a must have in any Herb-Lovers garden and apothecary.

Commonly known as purple coneflower this beautiful herbal flowering plant not only brings vibrant colour to the herbal garden but also helps in reducing inflammation and lowering blood sugar levels when ingested.

Native to North America, this is not a plant that I have had much experience with caring for within a herbal garden setting. Nevertheless, the dried herb in either capsule or tea form is my go to at the onset of any signs of a cold or flu.

Feeling a sore throat coming on? Time for some echinacea tea!

It provides exactly what the immune system needs to aid the body in fighting any and all foreign invaders. Often teaming up with goldenseal root to create a power house of immune protection just when you need it.

For the highest levels of potency it is best to use both the flowering tops and the roots as they aid in fighting off viral bronchial infections.


  1. The Japanese Beetle is the only pest this plant has difficulty with

  2. The thin stem is actually covered with course hairs.

  3. These herbaceous flowering plants are a member of the daisy or sunflower family

  4. The possess a fibrous root system

  5. The genus name of purple coneflower comes form the Greek word echino, meaning hedgehog, and refers to its spiny brown central cone.

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