Teas, Love & Harmony

a day of Healing & Tranquility

The main mission behind Iyashi Herbs is the creation of healing spaces where ones can engage in activities which nourish the body, strengthen the mind and uplift the spirit. 

At the core of these experiences is the Japanese proverb "ichi go ichi e" which loosely translates to "once in a lifetime opportunity" in English. 

It is with this in mind that we endeavoured to create the space for Teas, Love & Harmony once again in the gardens of Harmony Farms Retreat in Kingston, Jamaica. 

Crucial to our individual and collective consciousness is the ability to gather together and create healing spaces where ones can attain solace and rest from an oftentimes tumultuous existence. 

That is what tea does: it allows us the time and space to breathe, relax and take rest from the things of this world, if only temporarily. 

For the second staging of Teas, Love & Harmony we also chose to include the soothing sounds of the Japanese koto as well as  capoeira for movement and an eclectic mix  of instruments for sound healing which enhanced the experience of iyashi

To get a taste of the experience we curated please feel free to peruse the images in our gallery below. 

As always we look forward to serving you once again. 


Teas, Love & Harmony

The First Staging

During times of heightened celestial events and their reflections in both natural and man-made disasters, a few healing practitioners and myself found it necessary to come together to create a day of wellness and harmony. 

So, on August 12, 2018 during the New Moon we gathered in the gardens of Harmony Farm Retreat to create space to elevate individual and collective consciousness while increasing communal unity. 

Between the hours of 10 AM and 5 PM we offered a series of healing ceremonies and rituals which have been used from time immemorial to provide comfort and healing to one and all.

The days offerings  included Tai Chi, I Ching, Reiki, Massage, a special Plant Medicine Ceremony, a healthy vegan meal and of course, Japanese Tea Ceremony presented by yours truly. 

It is always a joy to gather with like-minded individuals to share time and space geared towards growth and healing. 

I give thanks for all the hands and hearts and minds that came together to create such a healing space within such a short span of time. 

 I hope that this event was able to achieve its intended purpose and I look forward to recreating the time and space for sharing teas, love and harmony again in the future. 

For an overview of the flow of activities on the day please enjoy the brief recap video below.