Iyashi Herbs: The Journey So Far...

In 2014, the story of Iyashi Herbs began with a handful of herbs and a dream that true healing could be achieved one sip (or dip) at a time. 

Follow our journey through the years as we embarked on a mission to spread the wonders of herbs, tea and healing with the world. 

The Journey Begins: 2014

2014 signalled the begin of a series of events which would help to define Iyashi Herbs moving forward. From a TV debut to a music video cameo, Iyashi Herbs entered this realm with quite a bang. Our debut products which included bath salt tea bags, herbal potpourri pouches and herbal tea blends were exclusively available at the True Self Centre of Being. 

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The Journey Continues: 2015

2015 saw the launching of our Mother's Day Herbal Baskets along with our limited edition herbal honey lip balm and Pop-Ups in places such as the Bob Marley Museum, the Blue Mountains, Jamnesia, Wickie Wackie, the True Self Centre of Being as well as the Rastafari Rootzfest in Negril. 

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The Year of 9: 2016

Our first official event of 2016 found us out West once again at the Rastafari Indigenous Village for an event called Ilah Iwah where we primarily sold our popular "Steamaz Blends". Following that we did a few Pop-Up events in and around Kingston as well as our annual Mother's Day Celebration in the form of Herbal Bouquets. The year culminated with a major collaboration on the Cawfee Tea event held at Harmony Farms Retreat. 

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The Return to One: 2017

2017 was a year of renewal and change; introspection and reinvention. A year that took us back to where it all began -- Japan. Starting with a Tea Tour in Spring we eventually found a teacher in the Summer to guide us through the Way of Tea.  This eventually gave way to us attending 2 Moon-Viewing Tea Ceremony events in Autumn as well as a Tea Festival in Sasebo. 

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Growth & Exploration: 2018

From discovering a Huge Tea Tree Monument to exploring Tea Houses and Castles in Kyoto to eventually doing our first official Tea Ceremony events in both Jamaica and Japan, 2018 has truly been a year of growth and exploration.

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Discovery & Expansion: 2019

This time around we focused our energies on continuing our tea ceremony practice along with discovering even more about the history of tea and the Tea Ceremony in Japan. 
Furthermore we were blessed with the opportunity to host another tea ceremony event in Kingston, Jamaica.

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