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Nadya Dee




The Tea Lady, is a title which was bestowed by a dear friend who had hosted an event at her healing space in Kingston, Jamaica. At that time, Iyashi Herbs herbal bath salts, pouches and tea blends were being sold from that space. 


Since then, that title has grown to mean so much more than just "the lady who sells/serves the teas" but also the lady who has now dedicated her life and being to growing, knowing and showing more about not only tea but the healing benefits of using and consuming herbs as well as herbal teas.


A writer born and raised in the city of Kingston, Jamaica, Nadya Dee originally studied Japanese and English at University before her wanderlust manifested with her joining the Japan Exchange and Teaching Programme in 2007.  


While in Japan, she unearthed her passion for teas, herbs and healing and in 2011, somewhere at the southernmost tip of the island, she was attuned to *Reiki.

Since then she has dedicated her life to providing healing through words, herbs, teas and energy. 


As a self-proclaimed healer and herbalist, she believes it is her duty to assist her community and her nation in their own healing and eventually in our collective healing of Mother Earth; endeavouring to do so by facilitating practices that cleanse and support the body, mind and soul with the use of herbal teas, bath salts, herbal steaming and the tea ceremony. 


Throughout her spiritual evolution she has become confident that herbs are an essential part of both inner and outer healing and she is committed to spreading this healing energy in any way she can.


In 2017, she repeated her sojourn to Japan with the direct goal of learning all she can about the Way of Tea [Sado] as well as the intricate history of how tea arrived and evolved on the island of Japan.


*Reiki is a form of hands-on healing where the practitioner is a channel for Ki or life force energy. 


In 2017 a feature was done by Find Yello (fka the Yellow Pages) called From Hobby to Business on Iyashi Herbs and our Tea Lady, Nadya Dee.
















In the article, she speaks about the influence of Japan on her love for tea, her interest in herbalism and tea, the meaning of iyashi, the lessons and challenges on her entrepreneurial journey and gives some advice to persons considering turning their hobby into a business. 

Also, in 2017 while on a tea tour in the hills of Fukuoka, our Tea Lady was caught on camera picking organic green tea and subsequently interviewed about the taste of the green tea which was then featured on Japanese TV. 

(See a few clips below)

tea picking
tea tasting
tea tasting