What is Iyashi?

  •  to 'heal', 'treat', 'remove pain', or quench one's thirst. 
  • a place of warm solace and restoration, where one comes to find peace, balance and harmony. 

The character differs from the conventional definitions of the verb "to heal," in that what it actually means is "to alleviate", "to quench" and "to satisfy". It also has a connotation of "comfort," "soothing," and "solace," implying that 'healing' occurs beyond just the physical realm - but in the mental and spiritual realm as well.

So, in a nutshell, the word iyashi means receiving 'healing' or becoming 'healed' in the connection between Mind-Body-Spirit, while being in an environment of soothing comfort.

For the Japanese, one of the concepts of good health is to seek iyashi. One of the ways in which they do this is by sipping a relaxing cup of tea in a beautiful garden or calming space in the name of replenishing one's soul and mind with serenity, clarity and joy.

 provides herbal therapy that will soothe and comfort in order to create peace, balance and harmony in the mind and body as well as the soul. In doing so, we create herbal infusions, bath salts and other herbal remedies the way nature intended them to be used – for health and wellness.

The main intention of Iyashi Herbs is to provide our customers with high quality specialty herbal products such as tea blends, herbal infusions, bath salts, herb pouches, herbal incense and more which have been designed to help with the clearing and balancing of the energy centres in their bodies known as chakras”.