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Japanese Interior

The Chashitsu


The Tea Room (Chashitsu 茶室) in Japanese tradition is a space designed to be used for tea ceremony gatherings.

With it's pristine tatami (straw) mats, minimalist design and calm interior, the Japanese Tea Room is an entire universe unto itself. 


Inspired by Zen Buddhist philosophies and the traditional Japanese ideology of wabi-sabi, The Japanese Tea Room represents an escape from the mundanity of daily life and an entrance into a realm of peaceful neutrality.

The experience in a Japanese Tea Room is like no other. 

It begins with an ethereal journey through a Japanese Tea Garden completely immersed in the wonders of our natural surroundings and culminates with an intimate presentation and sharing of a hot cup of tea between guest(s) and host.

The Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chado or Sado) finds its home within the earthen walls of the Japanese Tea Room.

In this space and during the ritual of sharing tea, both host and guest are equals. 

Through this ritual, they share in experiencing the four principles of Chado: 

和(Wa) Harmony

敬(Kei) Respect

清(Sei) Purity

寂(Jaku) Tranquility

Join us as we explore the wonders of the Japanese Tea Ceremony within the Japanese Tea Room space through our stories shared below. 

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Below you will find a series of images we've curated on Pinterest that give a wholistic idea of the Japanese Tea Ceremony and Tea Room aesthetic. 

Feel free to scroll through to get a better look and feel of the Wabi-Sabi philosophy inherent to the Japanese Way of Tea. 

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SumiTemae - Making Up the Fire for Tea

SumiTemae - Making Up the Fire for Tea

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