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Herb Plants

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Our Virtual Herb Garden

Why Herbs?

Herbs are an essential part of our survival story and existence on this planet since the dawn of time. Our ancestors were the first to discover the magical properties of these plant allies through trial and error and have since passed down this knowledge and wisdom through oral and written traditions. 

As stewards of all living things on this planet, it is our role and birthright to  continuously care for and consciously consume them as we honour the ceremonies and traditions which have been passed down to us. 

Most of the herbs we are most familiar with have been relegated to culinary usage, which is by the far the simplest and most straightforward way to make use of these herbs. However, the more we evolve in our awareness we must all realise that herbs can help us to mindfully traverse the paths to wholeness and wellness which lay before each and every one of us. 

Throughout history we have relied on plants for both food and medicine; and so our bodies have evolved with an ability to assimilate the bio-active compounds in plants. This evolutionary relationship is important to herbal medicine because the body is accustomed to assimilating the more potent chemicals of herbs within the matrix of the whole plant. 

Our  Garden

Here are some of the herbs we have been sporadically learning from and caring to over the past few years.

Herb Plants
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