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In Spring of 2014, Iyashi Herbs was birthed in a loving attempt to unearth the restorative powers of herbs through teas, bath salts and other herbal methods. 

Since then, this journey has taken us not only throughout the island of Jamaica but also to the land of the Rising Sun, Japan. Which is where our Tea Lady, began her own personal journey to creating the concept of Iyashi Herbs in the first place. 

At present, Iyashi Herbs is remotely located in a rural village in Southern Japan immersing in the ancient Way of Tea.



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My first experience with formal herbal medicine was while living in Japan.

Of course, we all have our own personal herbal home remedies  handed down throughout generations which are now classified as "alternative"; as if subordinate to conventional Western medicine. 

Nevertheless, whenever we are inflicted with common illnesses such as a stomachache or the common cold it is still our home herbal remedies that we go to first for relief. Conventional medicine is only considered if the situation seems excessive, severe, dire or chronic.

Personally, I only find myself seeking out conventional solutions to my illness issues when my immune system becomes compromised...

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About 2018

Our First Time hosting a
Tea Ceremony Event

Teas, Love and Harmony 
A Holistic Event




We found a Huge Tea Tree...

& attended a Tea Party at a Castle!


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