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In Spring of 2014, Iyashi Herbs was birthed in a loving attempt to unearth the restorative powers of herbs through teas, bath salts and other herbal methods. 

Since then, this journey has taken us not only throughout the island of Jamaica but also to the land of the Rising Sun, Japan. Which is where our Tea Lady, began her own personal journey to creating the concept of Iyashi Herbs in the first place. 

The main mission behind Iyashi Herbs is the creation of healing spaces where ones can engage in activities which nourish the body, strengthen the mind and uplift the spirit. We endeavour to do so through the use of herbs (and other plant allies) which offer support and balance  as well as through ceremonies and events such as Teas, Love and Harmony. 

At present, Iyashi Herbs is remotely located in a rural village in Southern Japan discovering the history of traditional herbal medicine and tea while delving deeply into the ancient ritual of the  Way of Tea.


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From bringing all the necessary items into the room to the placing of the various pieces of coal, along with the incense the SumiTemae ceremony has strict rules and sequences that must be adhered to...


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