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Iyashi Herbs is presently in Southern Japan learning the Way of Tea. 

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IYASHI HERBS featured on findyello.com

Check out this feature done by Find Yello (fka the Yellow Pages) called From Hobby to Business on Iyashi Herbs and 

our Tea Lady, Nadya Dee!


In the article, our Tea Lady speaks about the influence of Japan on her love for tea, her interest in herbalism and tea, the meaning of iyashi, the lessons and challenges on her entrepreneurial journey and gives some advice to persons considering turning their hobby into a business. 




Yame Tea Tour 2017

In May 2017we ascended the mountains of Fukuoka Japan, to a town called Yame -- renown for its delicious green tea -- to learn about the process of picking and preparing organic green tea. 



Iyashi Herbs was manifested in early 2014. 

Since then it's been quite an experience. 

Follow our adventures so far. 

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