What exactly is 

In Spring of 2014, Iyashi Herbs was birthed in a loving attempt to unearth the healing powers of herbs through teas, bath salts and other healing remedies. 

Since then, this journey has taken us not only throughout the island of Jamaica but also to the land of the Rising Sun, Japan. Which is where our Tea Lady, began her own personal journey to creating the concept of Iyashi Herbs in the first place. 

At present, Iyashi Herbs is remotely located in a rural village in Southern Japan learning and practicing the ancient  Way of Tea. 


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What else have we been up to? 

Well, we found a HUGE Tea Tree! 

At the beginning of Spring this year we travelled to a city called the "Happy City" in search of a large old tea tree. This tree is quite possible one fo the largest and oldest tea trees in this part of Japan. 

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in Jamaica...

In Summer 2018, we had our first impromptu Healing Tea event in over a year and it was absolutely amazing to be able to share time, space and tea with such amazing individuals. 

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